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Coach Raymond “Tweet” Williams

Was Turner's Athletic Director and head football coach from 1952- 1968. Students across the span of more than 60 years still remember Coach Tweet as the rock and stabilizing force of Turner High.

Coach Richard Lowe

Came to Turner in the fall of 1973 as the Head Basketball coach.  He later became the Athletic Director.  He was one of the most successful coaches in the history of the school

Ms. Birdie Tyler

Came to Turner in the Fall of 1953 as a Social Studies teacher. She later became a counselor and help many of Turner’s esteemed graduates in their transition from high school to college and careers.

Coach L. Glover

Joined the HM Turner High staff as a P.E. teacher when the school opened in 1951. In 1990 when the high school closed it doors, she was still a staff member. She is beloved and was an extremely successful coach.

Ms. T.I. Jones

Taught English at Turner from 1951 to 1983. She was an endeared teacher who was there when Turner first opened its doors. She was very instrumental in helping students develop writing skills to achieve in their life endeavors.

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