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GRADUATES 1970 - 1979

Michael Manley

Executive Producer of the God inspired documentary, The Amazing Legacy of Turner High is a 1974 honors graduate of Turner who earned a Basketball Scholarship to Morehouse College. In 1981, he became one of the first blacks to graduate from the School of Business at the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater with an MBA. He owns a successful insurance business and manages two other businesses.

Maceo Brown

Owner and CEO of System 5 Electronics, is a 1974 graduate. Under his leadership and vision, System 5 has grown to one of the largest security monitoring companies in the Southeast United States. His philanthropic endeavors include mentoring and developing young business minds and entrepreneurs.

Valarie Wright Manley, MD

Is the owner of Children 1st Pediatrics, P.C., located in Fayetteville Georgia. She is one of many successful physicians that graduated from Turner. After graduating from Turner in 1976, Dr. Manley received her MD from The Medical College of Georgia.

Michael Thrasher

Is the CEO and owner of Thrasher Trucking Company. The multi-million dollar construction company assisted in developing the 5th runway for the Hartsfield International Airport. Michael is a proud graduate of Turner’s 1978 class.

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