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GRADUATES 1960 - 1969

Ford Greene

Ralph A. Long

Ernestine Dennis Pittman

Walked the campus of Georgia Tech as one of only three blacks enrolled. Ford is an Independent Management and Telecommunication Consultant and college professor in Rochester, New York. He was a 1961 graduate of Turner.

In the fall of 1961, he would attend Georgia Institute of Technology making him one of three Black men admitted into the all white university.  He is also in the exclusive Clark College Sports Hall of Fame as an accomplished Tennis Player. Professionally, his engineering contributions to AT&T and the city of Atlanta are still impactful today.

An honor graduate of Turner’s class of 1964. She was one of the First Female Black Mayors of the City of East Point. She received a BA from Spelman College on a full scholarship and earned Masters in Education from Georgia State University.

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